Cordiale Liquor House & Boutique

CORDIALE is inspired as a modern interpretation of a nineteenth-century pharmacy with the aim to compliment Italy’s identity in the liqueur production field, hence giving life to an new and innovative ambiance and with lots of attention to detail. 

Known as the Liquoreria, this is an exclusive boutique dedicated to the sale of carefully selected and niche products. To enhance and stimulate the atmosphere, tastings, master classes and training courses are organized regularly giving our guests the opportunity to appreciate and understand more about the products and also to have the chance to meet some of the numerous artisan producers.

Thanks to the Cordiale and the enthusiastic response from our customers, the Liqueur Bar has a jovial and sparkling air to it, it is a reference point for Italian tradition and very much appeals to the finer drinking lovers. The Bartender at the Cordiale masterfully mixes typical products from each of our regions, revealing flavors that have been forgotten for far too long.

Special Offers